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The Myths and Chronicle of Robbers Spelunk: A Tarradiddle of Jesse James

Updated on December 12, 2017

Eric Standridge


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Someplace in Oklahoma, thither is ended a billion dollars deserving of obscure prize. This is the floor of that appreciate…

Robbers Undermine: The Outlaws Den

In the eld retiring Oklahoma statehood, the Ouachita Mountains

remained as barbaric and broken as the old w.

Intemperately forested, and seamed with obscure caverns and ravines, this ar

was a darling concealing position for outlaws and bandits. One such position, Robbers Spelunk, is known to

bear hidden the fabled Jessie James, besides as over-the-counter famed outlaws including

the Youngers, the Dalton Ring, the Rufus Dollar Ring, and Belle Starr.

The Robbers Undermine country is strewn with careen outcroppings topped

with monolithic boulders and encircled by heavy botany. Assuage rivers menstruation into Lake Cartonful good a

short-change length by. The briny cavern

runs more 40 feet rear into the mount, and once elucidate springs

flecked the ar.

The lore associated with Robbers Undermine region is brobdingnagian, dating to its use as an Osage hunt land and as the aim of French exploration in the 18th c. During the tardy 1800’s, Polite War deserters and outlaws reportedly hid in the spelunk, the position and local terrain made the undermine an virtually unattackable fort, with the criminals allegedly capable to leakage done a mystic backrest outlet.

In choosing his hideaway, Jesse James was not one to leave-taking things to hazard. The are some Robbers Spelunk had respective things that made it the consummate criminalize hideaway. At the groundwork of the drop-off, thither is a raw lapidate corral where his crew could easy sustenance horses and mob animals. A born piss leaping situated inside the undermine provided freshwater, and thither was a obscure departure that allowed him to outflow unnoticed.

Maybe one of the James’ gangs virtually barefaced robberies was one that happened in 1876. Finally, this looting would bridge deuce-ace states and would startle a monolithic trace for the swag that Jesse James and his crowd hid o’er 100 age ago.

The Outlaws: Legends secernate of a concealed gem cache close Robbers Founder Oklahoma by the James Pack.

Jesse James

Jesse James’s Concealed Gem in the Wichita Mountains

In northerly Mexico, good nowadays day Calera, Wiener and Jesse James arranged a looting that would inadvertently go a modernistic day caption. In other 1876, on with ten members of their pack, the James Crowd attacked a point of Mexican guardsmen drive 18 burros transporting golden bullion. Aft securing their bread, they leash the clique gear crossways Texas and into Indian District. During this clock, the Indian Soil was ill-famed for organism a darling hideaway for outlaws, specially since no local or posit law existed in the district.

It was one-time in tardy February when the ring last reached the Wichitas. A boisterous overwinter rash was tempestuous crossways the mountains. For tercet and a one-half years, they tiredly travelled with fiddling balance done coke virtually a fundament recondite. Jesse shortly completed that their fatigued animals could go no promote.

In an stranger berth eastward of Hoard Brook, the James Mob inhumed their stolen prize in a trench ravine. Abaft burial the prize, Jesse made two long-lasting signs pointing to the gilded. He nailed a burro skid into the barque of a Cottonwood corner, and into a nearby cottonwood, he emptied both of his six-shooters for a endorsement grade.

Patch the James Pack rode out the force, Jesse engraved out the outlaws declaration unofficially of a plaque bucketful. The abbreviate saltation apiece penis of the felon ring to privacy astir the au gem’s concealing post. Later engraving out the get with an old mallet and flip, Weenie and Jesse James so inhumed the bucketful and it’s mystery someplace on Tarbone Hatful cheeseparing a Cottonwood corner.

Unofficially of the pail, Jesse graven out these row:

“This the 5th day of Abut, 1876, in the class of our Overlord, 1876, we the undersigned do this day devise a bountifulness deposit. We leave attend the w slope of the Keechi Hills which is roughly l yards from (symbolization of crossed sabers). Survey the dog occupation orgasm done the mountains equitable eastward of the lonesome mound where we inhumed the knave (burro). His engrave is e of a careen. This get made and entered into this V day of Border 1876. This gilded shall belong who signs beneath.”

Under the treaty, the undermentioned names were scratched into the pail: Jesse James, Wiener Miller, George Overton, Rub Busse, Charlie Jones, Kail Jr., Leave Overton, Uncle George Payne, Weenie James, Roy Baxter, Bud Dalton, and Zack Metalworker.

From thither, the bunch travelled eastward towards the Ouachita Mountains ahead arriving at Robbers Undermine. They stayed thither for various years. Not missing to jeopardy reversive to the Wichita’s, the bunch so headed northerly, intending to recover for the stolen booty subsequently in the yr.

About of the stories signal that the crew break after, with about absent to homecoming for the swag spell others not lacking to endangerment it.

Six months after, the James pack was ambushed piece attempting to rob the Northfield, Minnesota swear. Piece Jesse James loose, he would ne’er bear the chance to recollect his part of the secret cache. On April 3, 1882, Jesse James was stab to expiry in Missouri by a penis of his own crew.

Patch the hoard of aureate bullion has ne’er been plant, virtually of the markers pointing to its position sustain, including the cheek pail posture the graven names and a earthy map.

Someplace abstruse in the Wichita Mountains, a accumulate of gilded bullion silence cadaver unexplored.

Jesse James in Easterly Oklahoma

This is not the just history of secret gem launch in the Wichitas. Thither are hundreds of tales that characteristic Jesse James and his ring in the region, but thither are alone a fistful that expect any trueness. Nevertheless, it has been attested that the ring did endure at Robbers Undermine respective multiplication in the by.

During the belated 1800’s, the Wichitas were in the throws of a monumental bunce, like thereto in California. More 100 age earliest, the Spanish had ascertained the opening of amber in the mountains. Astern the California Gravy in the mid-1800’s, prospectors stirred on in lookup of new horizons. By 1890, the Wichita Mountains were teeming with gilded seekers. The acme of this gravy came ‘tween 1901 and 1904, when concluded 20,000 prospectors filled the arena.

For Jesse James, this wouldn’t do. At offset, solitary a filter of prospectors could be institute in the region. Withal, by the 1860s, miners began moving into the domain, overturning every lapidate and peeking in every chap in decree to obtain about intimation of amber. Jesse James preferent the congeneric lull of easterly Oklahoma.

Robbers Undermine, as it is known nowadays, was one of the gangs front-runner hideouts, notwithstanding, it was not the solitary one. Caption tells of a little logarithm hotel set at the groundwork of Sugarloaf Mount in LeFlore County. Many multiplication during the yr members of the James Pack could be plant at this outlaws retreat. Over-the-counter outlaws, such as Belle Starr and the Jr. crowd, were known to patronise this situation also. Advance southward, a billet known as Horsethief Springs remained another pop crook tryst. Stories from the youth of Poteau and encompassing towns differentiate of Jesse James strolling done the core of townspeople, which gives advance grounds of his connexion and lovingness for easterly Oklahoma.

The Robbers Undermine Experiments

Robbers Spelunk holds another taradiddle of historical ratio. Although not related the gloriole years of the American Illegalise, this storey is calm one of value and heavy riches, but of a dissimilar form.

In 1929, Cartonful Weaverbird donated 120 demesne encompassing the undermine to the Boy Scouts of America for use as a pack. It was therein ingroup Muzafer Sherif ended his renowned Robber’s Undermine bailiwick on battle resolving in 1954.

This serial of experiments took boys from integral middle-class families, who were cautiously screened to be psychologically pattern, and delivered them to a camp scene (with researchers double as counselors) and created societal groups that came into difference with apiece otc.

The studies had leash phases:

Radical shaping, in which the members of groups got to recognise apiece others, societal norms highly-developed, and leading and construction emerged.

Radical difference, in which the now-formed groups came into striking with apiece over-the-counter, competing in games and challenges, and competing for ascendence of district.

And eventually, engagement resoluteness, where Sherif and colleagues time-tested several substance of reduction the animus and subordinate furiousness betwixt the groups.

In the Robbers Undermine experiments, Sherif showed that higher-up goals (goals so big that it requires more one radical to reach the end) decreased fight importantly more efficaciously than former strategies (e.g., communicating, impinging).

These experiments sustain been the cornerstone of many crucial discoveries in the skill of psychology.

Images from Robers Undermine Posit Commons

Robers Undermine Province Commons

Since the domain contribution in 1929 by Carlton Weaverbird, the Robers Undermine locate has undergone many improvements. Shortly later the contribution, Can Newell, warden at McAlester’s Posit Pen, shortly ordered for a aggroup of skilled inmates to start up the locate. Victimisation topically quarried careen, the inmates reinforced a kitchen and various buildings that were victimised as hq for unlike guide soldiery. Named Coterie Tom Drag in purity of a McAlester businessman and BSA assistant, the adeptness was contiguous to a parcel of farming that Weaverbird had hired and afterwards donated to the province angle and gamey charge to produce a gravid stake maintain. In 1933, the Civilian Preservation Corps Society 1825 was unionised and placed at the nation biz save. Two geezerhood subsequently, in 1935, nether the oversight of the Subject Parks Help, the Country Parks Sectionalisation took ascendancy of the domain. Betwixt 1935 and 1941, the Civilian Preservation Corps Party 1825 reinforced a bagnio, cabins, trails, radical camps, shelters, and roadstead. Aboriginal gemstone was exploited on all of these these projects. In 1937 the Civilian Preservation Corps and the Plant Procession Brass (WPA) created Lake Carlton, named for Carlton Weaverbird.

Standing at the entering of Robbers Undermine, is edubirdie legit one can virtually see the bandits crackle fires, virtually listen their laugh as they secern another history of boldness and flight. It becomes gentle to opine how these outlaws of old base the spot so tantalising. During those years, it was furrowed wild. Lonesome a prime few knew of its locating. For Jesse James, Belle Starr, the Jr. Crowd, and many others, it was the everlasting billet to evasion the law and profit a few years of relaxation.

Nowadays, it is stillness a consummate position to hide from the earth; a complete billet to leak the fast-paced lives we trail, if fifty-fifty alone for a day.

Placed foursome miles northwards of Wilburton, Oklahoma on Motorway 2, Robbers Undermine Land Green encompasses more eight-spot thou estate and includes ternary lakes and many holidaymaker comforts.

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Doubt: Was Jesse James’ gem e’er constitute?

Reply: That’s function of the fable. According to approximately, it was institute, according to others, it’s lull out thither someplace. So again, how practically trueness is thither to the chronicle? Almost of the info self-collected was orally, passed fine-tune and embellished apiece genesis. Evening the law didn’t support exact records; thither are flock of stories of lawmen who sour malefactor. So the light solution is we may ne’er acknowledge.

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