The Euphony of Johann Sebastian Bachelor

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The Medicine of Johann Sebastian Bachelor

Updated on Abut 28, 2019

Reginald Thomas


This writer is a pro trombonist, director and pedagogue. He has a farseeing vocation in the medicine and writes most his passionateness of euphony.

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1908 Statue of Bachelor before of the Thomaskirche in Leipzig | Origin

Who was Johann Sebastian Bachelor?

Johann Sebastian Bachelor was a German composer, organist and director during the Churrigueresque stop of medicine. He was innate in Marching of 1685 and died in July of 1750 and was the close minor of a metropolis player in Eisenach.

Johann Sebastian came from a big melodious folk. His don, Johann Ambrosius Bachelor, was the manager of the township musicians. It would be a goodness supposition that he provided the new boy his other melodious grooming. The commencement two instruments Joann Sebastian conditioned to gaming were the fiddle and cembalo.

Both parents died when he was ten geezerhood old. He lived with his aged pal Johann Christoph Bachelor for roughly fin geezerhood. His crony taught him the clavichord and helped youth Johann Sebastian get his melodic skills.

Quoting Wikipedia , “He was enrolled in the esteemed St. Michael’s Civilize In Luneburg. His two geezerhood thither were vital in exposing Bachelor to a wider reach of European civilisation. Plus to telling in the consort, he played the School’s three-manual harmonium and harpsichords. He came into striking with sons of aristocrats from northerly Germany, sent to the extremely selective schooltime to set for careers and over-the-counter disciplines”.

Mostly, Bachelor was ego taught. Parenthesis from acquiring the rudiments from his founder and years chum, he well-read medicine by perusal, copying and transcription compositions of such composers as: Vivaldi, Pachelbel and Palestrina.

St Thomas Church, Leipzig | Beginning

The aim and net end of all euphony should be none differently the resplendence of God and the recreation of the soulfulness.

Johann Sebastian Bachelor

The Churrigueresque Stop

Oft referred to as existence selfsame prodigal, composite, and of game tastes, the Baroqueness Menstruation was brought some by the Catholic Church. This stop was both a political and spiritual crusade. During this meter, thither was a gyration of faith in Westerly Europe centered some grievances against the Catholic Church called the Protestant Reclamation. This Protestant church revolutionized the Christian religion.

Bachelor was all astir the church and consecrate his aliveness and medicine thereto. A enceinte clause to interpret on this bailiwick is: Characteristics of the Churrigueresque Stop . This clause explores Art , Architecture , Sculpt too as the Euphony of the metre.

The Churrigueresque Menstruum in medicine was ‘tween the eld of 1600 and 1750. Under is a graph that outlines the historic melodic clip business,

Westerly Art Euphony Graph

Figure of Menstruum


Featured Composers

Other Chivalric Stop

500 – 1400

Perotin, Leonin, Machaut

Renaissance Menstruation

1400 – 1600

J. Desprez, W. Byrd, C. Monteverdi

Baroqueness Point

1600 – 1750

J.S. Bachelor, Handel, Purcell, Telemann

Graeco-roman Flow

1750 – 1825

Mozart, Beethoven,,Haydn

Romanticist Menstruum

1825 – 1900

Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Berlioz

Forward-looking Menses

1900 – Introduce

Schostakovich, Ives, Stravinsky

The Personality of J.S. Bachelor

Thither are many stories that volition name Bach’s personality. Every artist, be it an artist, composer, player, puma has a night english to their personality. Johann Sebastian Bachelor was no elision. As a youth, he was ill-affected, a tough, with thuggish ring wish demeanour. As he got aged and spiritual breeding set in his personality gravitated to the church and his euphony.

Many stories birth been scripted describing Bach’s use as a church organist, director etcetera. These stories severalise of his resistor to say-so and one particularly had him captive for one month because he went against church rules. Bachelor was a perfectionist and wasn’t patient with incompetency. As a instructor he would not digest students missing to payoff shortcuts.

The Medicine of Johann Sebastian Bachelor

In the eyes of nearly musicologists, Johann Sebastian Bachelor was a melodic champion. He had such a numerical disciplined brain that many ground his medicine constitution outturn merely awe-inspiring. With terminated Chiliad compositions to his recognition, Bachelor created in around every panache of the clip. Beneath is a number of the several genres he composed in








Four-part Chorales



His implemental euphony includes





Specialization plant scripted for: Harmonium, Cembalo, Luting, Fluting, Fiddle, Violoncello, Bedchamber Ensemble and Orchestra.

Bachelor’s near illustrious compositions

Toccata and Fugue in D shaver

The Brandenburg Concertos

The 48 Preludes and fugues “Comfortably Hardened Fingerboard”

The Goldberg Variations

The Concerto for Two Violins

The B nipper Masses

The St Matthew Rage

The 6 unaccompanied violoncello suites

The medicine of Johann Sebastian Bachelor bastioned already set styles. His glorious use of contrast, harmonisation and motivic growing set him aside from early composers of the day. His use of over-the-counter elements of euphony known as: Cycle, Shape and Grain, set his manner of composition far more composite than composers from over-the-counter countries.

It’s wanton to gaming any instrument: all you sustain to do is contact the veracious key at the rectify clock and the tool testament gaming itself.

Johann Sebastian Bachelor

Toccata and Fugue in D kid

The Toccata and Fugue in D nipper is belike the nearly the well-nigh notable of all the pieces composed by Bachelor. It was scripted for harmonium and demanded a extremely open organist at the keys. Perplexing stories as to when it was really scripted, scholars get it organism composed some the betimes 1700’s. Bachelor was in his juvenility when he wrote it and a brilliant organist. It is a real demanding bit qualification it a dispute for any aspirant organist of the day.

Such a monolithic constitution regained grandness and popularity in 1833 during a Bachelor Revitalization era.when composer Felix Mendelssohn performed the slice in an acclaimed concert in 1840.

The Twentieth c pronounced its popularity again due e.g. to its comprehension in Walt Disney’s Fantasia. Tod, this makeup considered to be the virtually illustrious study in the harmonium repertory. Because of the ambitious aspects of this bit, pro groups care the Canadian Boldness canned the harmonium ms for 2 Trumpets, Trump, Trombone and Sousaphone. Under is a astonishing functioning of the Toccata and Fugue in D kid staged for Cheek 5 by the Canadian Administration.

Johann Sebastian Bachelor – The Player!

If Bachelor was animation now, he would be a “Rock Star“! I.e. that, he would belike be a leadership bonk artist because of his unbelievable “improvisational skills”. Don’t leave, he was learnedness the cembalo, clavichord and the harmonium at a selfsame betimes age. He didn’t belong a piddling conference squad. No figurer, cellphone ring. He practised day in and day out.

The church harmonium has traditionally been referred to as “the baron of instruments” due to its power to make many dissimilar coloured sounds. Likewise, the curve powerfulness it has when played. One mustiness deliver expectant melodic skills to do medicine scripted for the harmonium. Bachelor excelled at this cat’s-paw on with ambitious next organists by composition highly hard pieces.

Bachelor had a full spiritual breeding and passim his living consecrate his medicine to his spiritual beliefs. It mightiness be aforementioned that his other compositions improved his playacting power. It too meant that as he became a amend instrumentalist so did his euphony. Thither wasn’t a composition that Bachelor wrote that he couldn’t frolic. To get a ameliorate thought of what a full instrumentalist he was, mind to Bach’s “Toccata an Fugue” downstairs.

J.S. Bachelor, Jig Fugue BWV 577 – Diane Bish

The Jig Fugue in G Major BWV 577 was scripted for harmonium in 1707. This heavy Bachelor constitution testament get anyone not comrade with harmonium euphony. It is fun to hear to and eve more bewitching to lookout in a picture.

edubirdie reviews

Diane Bish is a pro organist who plays this super hard opus cleanly. Delight vigil the tv infra and keep the ascendancy of the harmonium she exhibits as she performs this “jig” or “saltation” composing in a alert pace.

This make-up requires the instrumentalist to uses two men and two feet. As Diane gets into the glower voices of the fugue, scout her feet “dance” on the peddles again, cleanly.

A Fugue is a polyphonic constitution in two or more voices, reinforced on a topic or stem. This bailiwick is introduced at the origin and recurs ofttimes in the line of the composing. Bachelor was a passkey of the genre and has many fugal compositions to his credits.

Delight scout the tv downstairs and delight this grand saltation act scripted o’er ccc geezerhood ago.

Influences on the Twentieth C

As mentioned earliest, the medicine of Bachelor was studied by composers of his day also as every composer since. In fact, a bookman at any college or university quest a point in euphony mustiness dispatch quatern semesters of euphony hypothesis. Near of this cogitation centers approximately the office – authorship harmonical rules part by Johann Sebastian Bachelor.

Many melodic artists performed and recorded Bachelor’s medicine in the Twentieth 100. One of the about democratic outspoken groups of the 1960’s and 70’s was the Swingle Singers . The singularity of this really gifted aggroup was their bodoni adjustment of Bachelor’s euphony done the Wind phrase.

Another artist who helped backup the Bachelor epithet was Wendy Carlos. In 1968 Switched on Bachelor came out and standard enceinte reviews for the aesthetic handling of many Bachelor compositions played on the Moog electronic synthesist . It would be interesting to recognise if Bachelor would okay of the many treatments artists let enamored his medicine. Retention with this paper, this source believes that this succeeding artist would not be a fan of Bachelor.

P. D. Q. Bachelor is a composer created by melodic ridiculer “Professor” Prick Schickele. Schickele made a vocation out of creating this sham nestling of Churrigueresque composer Johann Sebastian Bachelor.

Johann Sebastian Bachelor had 20 children, quadruplet of whom became illustrious composers. The discover “P. D. Q.” is a mockery of the three-part names precondition to around members of the Bachelor children. The names were rock-bottom to initials, such as C. P. E., for Carl Emanuel Bachelor. Olibanum, the gens P.D.Q. Bachelor, the PDQ stands for “pretty damed quick”. If you suffer ne’er heard of this artist, delight flavour release to dawn hither for a uproarious testimonial to Bachelor. Infra are a few videos of the Individual Singers and Switched on Bachelor.

Fuga in REm da L’Arte della Fuga BWV 1080 (1963)

In Closedown

If we proceeds anything from this clause, it is my trust that we recall that chronicle builds off the retiring. The Euphony of Johann Sebastian is a big illustration of this. I trust that you listened to roughly or all of the hearing examples provided hither and that you sustain a ameliorate discernment and hold of the sterling composer ever.

Delight place me a input and let me cognise what you recollect.

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